Writing a Highly Effective Job Description
Writing a Highly Effective Job Description

Writing a highly effective job description depends on some special qualification of the HR professional. There are lots of HR professional but all of them are not capable to write an effective job description that will helps to attack write candidate, as well as to get work done properly by the respective people. So, only a concise job description helps candidate to get a good overview regarding job task. Before write down a job description, you must need to follow some steps for better result.

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Job Description

Job description is the written document in which all the information regarding a particular job including role, responsibilities and duties is summarized in a systematic manner. Job description is originated from job analysis. There are many methods for job analysis from where HR professional can get knowledge and conduct it accordingly.


Components of Job Description

Clear concept regarding the components of job description enables HR professional in writing a highly effective job description. Components of a highly effective job description can be pointed out as below:

  1. Job Title- An attractive job title is very helpful to attract talented candidate for applying in a position. This is actually the name of the vacant post.
  2. Job Location-It describes the area selected by the company where the candidate will be posted after selection.
  3. Role-Role refers to the arena of work and how the responsibilities are to be fulfilled.
  4. Responsibilities- It is the list of various job-related activities which the candidate is supposed to perform after his/her selection.
  5. Salary-This is the pay scale which a company is ready to pay in a month for work of the selective position.
  6. Incentives-It refer to commission and remuneration associated with the targets achieved.
  7. Allowances-Benefits and expenses which a company pays to the candidate.

Tips for Writing a Highly Effective Job Description

HR professionals should follow below mentioned tips for writing a highly effective job description for any position.

  1. Conduct In-depth Job Analysis

You know that job description is originated from job analysis. So, for writing a perfect and effective job description, you must do in-depth job analysis. This will provide you realistic information regarding the duties to be performed for a specific position. It will help to find out pre-requisite qualification of a candidate needed to perform identified job task for the position.


  1. Write Down Precise Job Overview

Simply write down a job overview that is known as “job context”. This will enable candidate to gather ideas regarding scope of the position and nature of job environment. You can write down nature of the job, Location, Hours of work, weekly holiday etc.


  1. Write an Attractive Job Title

Never forget to give attention for writing an attractive job title. Because it will help you to attract candidate and complete the selection process easily. It will be more efficient if you write industry standard and experience focused job title. Because, experience focused job title is enabled to reflect the job nature. So, google it for getting more ideas regarding attractive job title. You can get ideas from industry expert also. But, definitely put an attractive job title for writing a highly effective job description.


  1. Write Down Vibrant Job Responsibilities

In case of writing a highly effective job description, you should have to write down major responsibilities of the job in some bullet point. So that, candidate can quickly get ideas on what major task need to be completed for a specific position. Avoid to write down ambiguous description like “Often”, “any other task assigned by the management” etc. Because these points will make your candidate insecure for job application. Be transparent to show major task of the job for getting talented candidate.


  1. Write Down Skills and Qualification Requirement

In case of writing a highly effective job description, you must have to point out basic skills and qualification requirement which are essential to perform the job. You can also write down how many years of experience is mandatory to for the position. You can also put what kinds of behavioral aspect is expected from a candidate to perform the job.


  1. Mention Salary and Actual Benefits

In order to attract the right candidate, you must have to put specific salary or salary range for the position along with other benefits like insurance, provident fund, transport facility, dormitory facility, housing facilities etc.


  1. Reporting and Authorities

This will enable candidate to know who will be the reporting for the mentioned position and what type of authorities he will get after being selected. You can add little overview of company culture regarding behavioral restrictions and frankness that will motivate candidate to apply for the position.


During writing a highly effective job description, you have to focus on putting some career growth opportunity to attract best people from the industry. Because actual talents are keen to career growth opportunity. If candidate knows how he/she can make contribution and get benefited for the job, they will be eager to perform better.  So, there is a huge benefit of writing a highly effective job description.


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