Training Calendar Excel Template

Training calendar excel template is more dynamic than the other form of templates. Training calendar is such a document which expresses the training plan of specific period of time and designed for employee development purposes. Designing of an effective training calendar is not easy task, as training need analysis is the prerequisite for training calendar. An interactive training calendar excel template will enable you to structure a learning and development culture within the organization. The design of training calendar excel template may vary from company to company based on training goals, planning, expertise etc.


Components of Training Calendar

Blow components need to be required in a training calendar excel template-

  1. Name of training
  2. Training code for tracking purposes
  3. Name of trainer
  4. Name of training participants with designation
  5. Training date and specific time with training venue name
  6. Training duration
  7. Training method and evaluation process
  8. Approximate cost for specific training etc.


Sample Training Calendar for Employees

Training calendar creates s story of organization’s initiative regarding learning and development. Below is a sample training calendar for employees. This training calendar is able to serve the basic requirement for a small scale organization regarding training initiative. But advanced training calendar excel template is required for achieving organization’s goal regarding training and development.

Responsible training manager of the organization can prepare this type of Training Calendar for Employees training purpose for specific week, month or year. According to best practice of training and development, each organization should maintain 2 training calendars. One will be a master training calendar and another one should develop for month wise by cascade down some of the training from yearly training calendar. Download monthly training calendar excel template from below link.

Monthly Training Calendar Excel Template


Sample of a Yearly Training Calendar

As mentioned in above section, the sample of a yearly training calendar will be as below-

“Name of the Organization”

Yearly Training Calendar for Employees, 2020

Name of Training Janu Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
ABC * * * * *
DEF * * * * *
GHI * * * * *
JKL * * * *
MNO * * * * * *

This is the sample master calendar for a year. So, now it’s easy to prepare monthly training calendar from here by separating month wise trainings. Some more information should have to include in monthly calendar as that is the training implementation calendar. Download yearly training calendar excel template for employees from below link.

Yearly Training Calendar Excel Template


Purposes of a Training Calendar

Training calendar is must required to successfully implement organization’s learning culture for a specific period of a time. Training calendar excel template enables training manager or responsible personnel of training department to identify further training need analysis also. Major purposes of training calendar are to-

  1. Circulate learning and development initiative of the organization,
  2. Deliver training successfully,
  3. Motivate talent’s through learning opportunity,
  4. Employee’s skill development,
  5. Productivity up-scaling,
  6. Increasing awareness of employees
  7. Spreading of Company’s Value etc.


How to Design a Training Program?

Training is a kind of activity which improve employee engagement. Your strategic thinking can help you to develop an efficient training calendar excel format. If you develop it through strategic thinking and following below guidelines then it will help organization to achieve learning and development goals. Some major steps should take under consideration during preparation of a training calendar excel template for employees. Practice these 7 steps of designing a training program.

  • Conduct Training Need Analysis (TNA): It’s not a wise thing to select training topics for employee or a group of employees without completion of training need analysis. A good training need analysis report can give an overview of training requirement.


  • Set Objectives of Training: What you want to deliver in each training? Set this learning objectives for the trainees. Training objectives should be SMART.


  • Take Budget Approval: Prepare training budget after setting training objectives. Take approval of training budget from the authorized personnel.


  • Prepare Training Calendar: Prepare an effective training calendar focusing TNA, Training Objectives and associated budget. Don’t put excessive training which doesn’t cover your training budget.


  • Develop Training Materials: Now you need to prepare training materials based on approved training calendar. Contact with the trainers to know what materials are required to conduct the training.


  • Conduct Training: Conduct training as per the training calendar otherwise employees may keep negative thinking regarding training and development system of the organization.


  • Evaluation of Training: Conduct training evaluation and keep record for further analysis & action. Training evaluation will help you to know the effectiveness of the training program.


Preparation of Training Calendar Excel Template

Above discussion will be enable you to make an efficient training calendar excel template which will be dynamic and goal focused. If you are not enough experienced in Microsoft Excel, then you can download training calendar excel template and use it after customization. You will find lots of usable training calendar excel template in internet. Keep in mind that design of training calendar may be different from one organization to another, but the ultimate goal is same. Training calendar templates are mostly free in internet for download. Some website offers different training calendar templates for money. Hope, you no need to pay for training calendar templates and you will be able to make an effective training calendar through using the knowledge you have gathered from this article.


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