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This Employee Recruitment and Selection Policy template is ready to be tailored to your company’s needs and should be considered a starting point for setting up your recruiting policies accordingly. You just need slight modifications according to your organization’s policy. This recruitment policy template can help you to develop your policy as per your need within the shortest possible time.

Recruitment: Recruitment refers to the first stage in filling the vacancies in an organization or searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for the organization’s job. The recruitment policy template will help to know the overall recruitment steps and implement them properly.

Selection: Selection is the process of weeding out unsuitable candidates for the job and finally choosing the most suitable candidates. The recruitment policy template will help to know the overall Selection process and implement them properly.

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Recruitment Policy Template

  1. Overview
    ABC Limited is one of the renowned industries of (Country Name) where management is
    committed to practicing a systematic recruitment procedure for ensuring the on-time recruitment of the right candidate in the right place.
  2. The Objective of the Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to ensure a methodical and discrimination-free recruitment and selection procedure at ABC Limited through which on-time recruitment of the right candidate in the right place can be completed.
  3. Owner of the Policy
    The Human Resource Department of ABC Limited is considered the owner of this policy.
  4. Scope of the Policy
    Recruitment and Selection of all workers, staff & executive employees of ABC Limited (Factory Office) will fall under the scope of this policy.
  5. Definition
    Recruitment: Recruitment refers to the first stage in the process of filling the vacancies in an organization or the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for published jobs in an organization.
    Selection: Selection is the process of weeding out unsuitable candidates and finally choosing the most suitable persons out of all the applicants.
    Employee: The persons who work under ABC Limited.
    Induction/Orientation Training: Orientation training means providing basic
    information regarding the company to the new employee.
  6. Key Words
    Employee Requisition Form = ERF, Executive Management = EM, Human Resource Department = HRD
  7. General Rules for Recruitment & Selection
    a) Facility will not encourage or recruit any person below the age of 14 years (who falls
    under child labor).
    b) Facility will not allow any kind of discrimination at any stage of recruitment i.e. CV or
    candidate screening, final selection, etc. Equal treatment will be ensured for all Race,
    Religion, Tribe, Gender, and Marital Status.
    c) Candidate’s educational qualification, merits, and work experience will be highly
    considered at every stage of recruitment for ensuring equal opportunity and non-discrimination.
    d) Facility will not allow any kind of financial attachment of any employee who is
    involved in the overall recruitment process.


8. Policy on Workers and Staffs Recruitment

a) Employee Requisition Form (ERF) Submission
ERF is to be submitted by the section/department head to HRD at least 30 days before
recruitment as per the approved manpower budget.

b) Job Circular
After getting ERF from the concerned department, HRD will circulate the vacant job position through Banners, Posters, Leaflets, Announcements, etc.

c) Candidate Screening and Skill Test
Primary screening of the candidates will be conducted at the main gate through verbal
discussion. Then he/she will be sent to the production floor where the IE team will analyze the candidate’s skill. Then HR will fix their salary as per the skill grade. No skill test is required for the helper position.

d) Medical Check-up
After completing the skill test, candidates are to be sent to Medical Center for age verification and physical fitness test for the mentioned position.

e) Appointment of Eligible Worker
Eligible workers will be sent to HRD for appointment of him/her in the mentioned
position. Then HRD will collect documents from the candidates as per law and
provide them with an appointment letter on the same day or before sending him/her to
the production floor. Workers’ appointment letters will have written in the local language.

f) Distribution of ID Card
The employee ID cards will have to provide on the same day to the workers as per the
format mentioned in local law.

g) Induction/Orientation Training
HRD will provide induction/orientation training to the newly joined workers to let
them know the company policy and system. No employees will be sent or engaged in
production before providing orientation training.

The recruitment policy template can be useful for you as it will help you to create your own organization’s policy easily. You can get an idea regarding employee recruitment policy sample from this article.


9. Policy on Executive Recruitment

a) Employee Requisition Form (ERF) Submission
ERF will have to submit at HRD at least 45 days before recruitment for both budgeted
and non-budgeted manpower. For non-budgeted positions, HRD will collect approval
from the division head and EM.

b) Job Circular
After getting ERF from the concerned department, HRD will circulate the vacant job position
through Internal (Office Circular, Official mail) or External mediums (job portal).

c) CV Screening
HRD will complete discrimination-free CV screening after collecting applicants’ CV
from internal or external mediums. CV screening will be completed based on
Educational Qualification, Educational Institute, Service experience, etc.

d) Written Test for the Candidates
After completing CV screening, HRD will contact the eligible candidate over the phone
or email in order to invite him/her for a written test. Questions for the written test will
be developed by the concerned department and reviewed by HRD. Besides, the exam paper will be examined by HRD or the concerned department to prepare a list of suitable candidates for the position.

e) Interviewing of Candidates
It will be completed on the same day of the written test in the presence of pre-formed
interview board members. The interview board will be consisting of the employee of the ERF submission department, any cross-functional department (HR will finalize), and HRD.
Each interview board member will submit his/her evaluation (in the prescribed format)
regarding the candidate just after completing the interview session.

f) Background Check
HRD will complete the candidate’s background check based on a reference check or any
another suitable way.

g) Salary Negotiation
Based on the remarks of the interview board, HRD will finalize 2/3 candidates’ names for
the position. HRD will complete salary negotiation starting from the top suitable
candidate, then carry forward to other candidates if it is required.

h) Appointment of Suitable Candidate
After completing salary negotiation, HRD will take the necessary preparation to appoint
a suitable candidate on time. An appointment letter and employee ID card will have to
provide to the new joiners on the same day of the appointment.

i) Official Introduction and Orientation Training
HRD will complete the official introduction of the new joiner with other employees, especially with all department heads and concerned people. Besides, HRD will circulate
an official introduction mail as well.

HRD will be responsible for providing a short briefing regarding the company
through orientation training after the appointment. It should take place on the
same day or within the same week of the appointment.

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10. Recruitment Lead Time
Recruitment Lead time will be 45 days for Worker, Staff, and Executive recruitment.

11. Language of Appointment Letter
a. Worker’s appointment letter must be in the local language.
b. Staff and Executives’ appointment letters must be in English.


12. Conclusion of recruitment policy template

ABC Limited will comply with all the standard recruitment processes to ensure the recruitment of the right candidate at the right place at right time. This policy will help to minimize or remove possible errors in the recruitment process. Rather, it will ensure discrimination-free recruitment and employee satisfaction.


Recruitment Policy Template Download

Download the Recruitment Policy Template from this article and use it just after simple modification. The recruitment Policy Template is ready for your easy understanding and uses after modification. This recruitment policy example will be detailed in the future by providing some other important documents.

Just consider this as an employee recruitment policy sample. There is much importance of recruitment policy which you will find after the proper implementation.


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