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Best Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire for 2021

The employee satisfaction survey is generally conducted by the HR department of the organization to know the satisfaction level of the employees. This is one of the core HR activities. If employee satisfaction is not up to the level, organizations may not get the desired result from their employees. Employee satisfaction is the core area of employee engagement. It’s difficult to find out the differences between employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

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Meaning of Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is also referred to as job satisfaction. The meaning of employee satisfaction is how satisfied the employees are with their present job. This can be measured using a job satisfaction survey. The result may vary from employee to employee, as the satisfaction level of each employee will not be the same. Satisfied employees perform the minimum to keep their job safe. They are not fully engaged with their job for organizational development. Employee satisfaction questionnaire basically enables organizations to identify employee satisfaction levels.


Meaning of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement represents employees’ enthusiasm and connection status or level with their job and the organization. Engaged employees are fully satisfied employees and they are committed & ready to provide full effort for the organization. Engaged employees take challenges to be successful in their work.


Importance of Employee Satisfaction

For every organization, employee satisfaction is very important as it is directly linked with production capacity or employee output, or employee motivation. Employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction are correlated. Because only satisfied employees are able to provide the best customer support and increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Increased Productivity: Satisfied employees are more productive than dissatisfied employees. Organizations get maximum output by providing job satisfaction. To measure employee satisfaction levels, an organization can conduct a job satisfaction survey. Based on the survey results, organizations can take measures to increase employee satisfaction levels.
  2. Increased Loyalty Level: Employees’ loyalty level automatically increased when their level of satisfaction is increased. This is the thing that enables employees to work from the heart of the company. It ensures the happiness of employees and leads to better productivity.
  3. Increased Employee Retention: Satisfied employees are loyal to their work and they generally do not try to change their organization. As a result, a company gets more effective output which enables organizations to sustain their business.


Major Factors for Employee Satisfaction

  1. Job Security: Job security helps to grow employee satisfaction levels. Here employee feels secure and they work dedicatedly for the organization.
  2. Work Environment: Pleasant, comfortable, and stress-free work environment enables employees to be satisfied with their job. Work-Life balance is such a factor in a work environment that motivates employees to be more loyal.
  3. Work flexibility: Employees are satisfied when work is distributed in a proper way and this is flexible for them to complete.
  4. Career Advancement: Employees always try to get the opportunity for career advancement. This facility enables them to take more responsibility.
  5. Compensation Package: Where employees enjoy a better compensation package, it leads them to better engagement and output.


Major Factors for Employee Dissatisfaction

Organizations need to conduct employee satisfaction measurements at regular intervals. This will help organizations to find out the major factors responsible for employee dissatisfaction. employee satisfaction is a common performance measure and needs to take initiative to increase the employee satisfaction index. Major employee dissatisfaction factors are as below:

  • Job Insecurity
  • Work Pressure
  • Worst Compensation Packages
  • No opportunity for career advancement
  • Unprofessional Behavior of the Supervisor
  • Dishonest Colleagues
  • Office Politics
  • Unclear mission, vision, and goals of the company, etc.

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How to Measure Employee Satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction level can be measured by measuring key performance indicators selected for evaluating their job. Besides, it can be measured through an employee satisfaction survey which is a popular method since the 1990s.

The characteristic of the employee satisfaction survey should be:

  • Using a simple and clear questionnaire,
  • Consistent over the year for data consistency,
  • Short questionnaire,
  • Objectives should be pre-defined.
  • Anonymous in nature to get the best response.


Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI)

These are the three basic questions to calculate Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI):

  1. How satisfied are you in your current workplace?
  2. How well is your current workplace safe and comfortable?
  3. How much your organization encourages teamwork?

Employees have to answer the questions on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest/worst rating and 10 is the highest/best rating.

ESI-value can be for the above 3 questions can be calculated according to bellow formula:

ESI= (Score from the Questions ÷ 3) *100

The ESI result may vary from 0-100 where a higher number indicates more satisfied employees and a lower value indicates an employee’s dissatisfaction level.

ESI Calculation Formula

Employee Satisfaction Index (%) = (Total achieved points or score ÷ Total questions) x 100


Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

Organizations use different kinds of employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction survey questionnaire. You can Employee Satisfaction survey questions pdf or Excel template for easy understanding and do it accordingly. Employee satisfaction survey forms can be different based on the characteristics of the organization or process differentiation.

The major concern area of employee satisfaction survey questions is as below:

  • General Feedback
  • Purpose and Direction
  • Compensation
  • Workplace and Resources
  • Communication
  • Growth Opportunity & Work-Life Balance
  • Respect for Employees
  • Fairness & Respect for Employees

Employee satisfaction measurement is not an easy task for any organization, but it should be conducted periodically. Employee satisfaction survey answers are put into a table and calculated accordingly. A sample of the employee satisfaction questionnaire or employee satisfaction survey form is available here for your download, easy understanding, and implementation.

Download: Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions


Employee Engagement Practices at Google

Employee satisfaction is the heart of any employee engagement program. Google generally focuses on the below for employee satisfaction and ensuring their employee engagement:

  1. Google Inspired Employees
  2. Google Promotes Diversity
  3. Google Support Flexibility at Work
  4. Google Responds Quickly to Employee Feedback
  5. Google Encourages Development
  6. Google Creates Culture of Empathy
  7. Google Offers Unique Benefits.


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