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10 Best KPI Dashboard Software and Tools

Best KPI Dashboard software can help organizations to visualize all sorts of data through interactive graphs and charts. You can get details information on key features and deficits of the top 10 market-leading best KPI dashboard software and tools. Presently industries are operating their business through data-driven strategic ways. Because it helps to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. But data management is a major concern here that is managed by the industry through using different KPI dashboard tools and software.

Considering present needs, I have tried to prepare a substantial list of the top 10 market-leading best KPI dashboard software and tools for 2023. These are the best KPI software for small businesses and medium-type enterprises.

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Top 10 Dashboard Software and Tools

1. Datapine

Datapine is one of the best KPI dashboard software used by reputed organizations that enables you to connect with different data sources and start visualizing reports in a flexible interface. This is the best KPI software for small businesses. Datapine provides dashboard tools for different departments like Human Resource Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Service and Support, Procurement, IT, etc. Datapine provides modern dashboard reporting software where stunning data visualization is easy. But conventional data analytic tools are good for static reporting, but they’re not interactive and completely unable to provide real-time business insights.

kpi dashboard creator

Main Features:

  • Supports several data sources with customized solutions.
  • Spontaneous drag-and-drop interface.
  • Advanced dashboard design and data analysis features.
  • Intelligent AI-based data alerts with predictive analytics
  • Multiple sharing options like public URLs, automated e-mails, embedding, etc.


  • Their mobile dashboards are only accessible via an app and you would need to know SQL.


2. SimpleKPI

SimpleKPI is the best KPI dashboard software which is developed by Iceberg Software. They focused on business performance management through focusing on KPI tools such as KPI reports, analytics, and KPI tracking. They allow sharing options via PDF and Excel files. They provide in-built reporting templates to make your reporting process quicker.

kpi dashboard tools


  • Focused on real KPI management
  • Ensure real-time monitoring
  • Analytical features to know the causes behind the sewing
  • Track individuals, departments, and teams.
  • Perfect for accurately managing day-to-day activities
  • More than 40 chart types
  • Allows turning Excel Spreadsheets into dashboards.


  • Not compatible with the Macintosh and IOS systems.


3. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics is a product and best KPI dashboard software that focused on CRM and ERP systems that disrupt the market by offering extensive functions. This dashboard tool is quite known in the business for its customer insights options and offers both on-premise and cloud solutions. This tool is integrated with other Microsoft applications which allows connecting easily with Office 365, LinkedIn, and Azure. This is the best KPI software for small businesses.

This dashboard tool is simple in its design and programming knowledge is not required for operation. This is nice to create a visual analysis for the full customer relationship funnel.

Dynamic 365


  • Focused on CRM and ERP systems
  • Provide on-premise and cloud solutions
  • Various types of chart properties are available
  • Basic layout features.


  • Long customization process,
  • Challenging navigation when starting with the software.


4. Geckoboard

Geckoboard is the best KPI dashboard software that offers to display data on the big screen. They also offer various features for companies like more than 60 code-free integrations. They target business users who need quick visualization. Through this best KPI dashboard software, the company can effortlessly add data from Google Sheets or Excel sheets to the dashboard and their SQL databases enable users to create visualizations as per the requirements.

kpi dashboards and scorecards


  • Convenient for big-screen data visualization
  • Enables user for quick data visualizations
  • Straight loop features
  • Temporary public links for sharing information.


  • Advance data analysis is not supported.


5. iDashboards

iDashboards is the best KPI dashboard software that offers mobile and desktop-friendly interfaces. They provide live support to their customer. Its built-in ETL tool allows companies to straight connect to databases, web applications, or CRMs. Their Excel Auto Uploader tool enables the user to push data into the cloud within 60 seconds through this KPI dashboard tool.

kpi dashboards and scorecards


  • Built-in tools i.e, Excel Auto Uploader
  • Satellite Data Hubs
  • More than 225 charts and graphs templates
  • Customer-centric approach


  • Some users reported a limit in source files.



6. Klipfolio

Klipfolio is a popular and best Kpi dashboard software that enables you to be connected to over 100 data sources that visualize data with a drag-and-drop interface. Klip Gallery and PowerMetrics of this KPI dashboard software support more than 400 KPIs and visualizations and data analysis.

With Klipfolio, users can build and generate an impressive report that helps in data-driven decision-making by measuring, tracking, and sharing the metrics and KPIs.

kpi dashboards and scorecards


  • Customization of the dashboard with HTML
  • Klip Gallery and PowerMetrics are available for extensive analytics.
  • Reporting engine for numerous ways to build data visualizations and reports
  • Numerous courses, workshops, and tutorials.


  • Sometimes it can be overwhelming to configure and learn.


7. Chartio

Chartio is a cloud-based best KPI dashboard software solution that is one of the best KPI software for small businesses. They provide SQL which is essentially a visual interface for data analysis. They also provide support through data advisors for enterprise-level subscriptions.

kpi dashboards and scorecards


  • They ensure Visual SQL mode
  • PDF snapshots are possible
  • Data calculation, customization, transformation, etc.


  • Need SQL knowledge for profound data exploration.


8. Zoho Reports

Zoho Reports is the best KPI dashboard software that holds over 40 integrated applications. Zoho reports providing KPI monitoring, data visualization, and report creation with a drag-and-drop interface with an analytical assistant which is based on machine learning and natural language processing to build on-demand reports and dashboards.

kpi dashboards and scorecards


  • It holds over 40 integrated applications
  • Available customization tools for apps
  • Analytical assistant Zia based on machine learning and natural language processing.
  • A drag-and-drop interface with supportive features.


  • Not easy to operate at the beginning stage.



9. DashThis

One of the best KPI dashboard software is DashThis which is specialized in marketing data and can process the reporting with the help of more than 30 integrated marketing platforms. Users can easily customize this KPI dashboard tool and the simplicity of the tool enables them to oversee their marketing data for sending necessary reports to clients. This is not able to provide analytical statistical models.

kpi dashboards and scorecards


  • A perfect tool for marketing and advertising agencies.
  • Available 30 integrated marketing platforms
  • Easily customizable dashboard.


  • Deep analytical data analysis is not possible through this dashboard tool.


10. Domo

Domo is a cloud-based best KPI dashboard software that enables you to data insights in real time. This software allows you to create and share custom views of your data.

kpi dashboards and scorecards



  • You can create pie charts, graphs, and necessary interactive maps with just a few clicks.
  • Build a dashboard once to make it instantly available on any device.
  • Access your dashboards from anywhere through a computer, tablet, or phone.


  • Deep analytics of data is not possible through this dashboard software.



The Benefits of Dashboard Software

Best KPI Dashboard software basically visualizes historical, current, and future data in interactive graphs and charts that help organizations in any way. You can also learn the design and benefits of the KPI dashboard.

  1. KPI dashboard tools help organizations to make data-driven decisions.
  2. It helps to make decisions quickly so that organizations can save time and run business smoothly.
  3. As dashboard software and the tool is a single point of access to an organization’s data store, as a result, it can generate an analytical report according to necessity.
  4. Dashboard software helps the HR department to generate analytical reports nicely and share them with the concerned departments.
  5. Enables organizations to insights fast, and keeps away from human errors.



Best KPI dashboard software enables organizations to generate reports as per the organization’s requirements. It’s the basic requirement now a day to have the best KPI dashboard software for data-driven decision-making. In the comparison between the best KPI dashboard software, you can get a clear overview and take necessary action for further steps in case of selection for your organization. KPI monitoring is one of the key functions of the HR department and KPI dashboard tools help to generate reports according to requirements.


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